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Leipzig – “Fastest growing city in Germany”

Market trends & outlook

Leipzig, a city with a more than 1,000 years old history, is facing exciting developments. The largest city of the state Saxony is rejuvenating itself and attracting a more youthful and dynamic population than ever before. Its population is growing, its economy is booming, and its citizens’ purchasing power is rising steadily.

Between 2007 and 2017, population grew by 13% to 578,000 and could reach over 722,000 by 2030, Leipzig's city hall predicts. Its housing vacancy rate dropped to less than 3 percent from more than 10 percent in 2008. Leipzig is growing faster than any other German city. It is already facing a housing shortage, and the situation is only going to become worse over the next few years. This, at the same time, also creates great investment opportunities for real estate developers.

But what makes Leipzig so appealing? Several top industry players have settled here, including Porsche and BMW, DHL, Amazon and eBay. The city's university delivers a pool of skilled, young workers and unemployment rate has dropped by half to less than 7% over the last decade. The number of people with an immigrant background grew from 49,323 in 2012 to 77,559 in 2016, and now they account for 13.3% of the city's population.


How prices are growing in
major German cities?

Germany's strong economic growth has resulted in price increases across German cities: On average the prices doubled in the last 10 years. Rents also follow the house price development in Germany: the average increase amounts to 50% between 2008 ad 2018.

In Leipzig, the average annual property prices per square meter has increased from 2.300€ in 2008 to 4.830€ in 2018. Meanwhile, the average rent prices per square meter also increased 9,75€ from in 2008 to 14,00€ in 2018.

Apartment rental prices ’08-18’ (Euro/sqm/month)
Year 2018
Year 2008
n = 55,600 rented apartments from 80 to 120 sqm. that were inserted in in the first half of 2008 and 2018. Source: Statista and TheLocal 2018

About us

LoanLink is a german mortgage broker specialized in property market in Leipzig. We also help expats and international investors get a mortgage. Our highly professional Leipzig mortgage broker team provides excellent advices in English, Chinese, Russian and German. Moreover, we leveraged advanced algorithm technology to find the best mortgage deal from over 400 regional and global German banks.

Our smart online mortgage platform is available round the clock to advise you in every step of the German mortgage process. For instance, you can use our mortgage calculators to check your loan amount, monthly repayments and property purchase fees. What’s more, we offer service in multiple languages and is completely free of charge.

LoanLink is registered and controlled by the surveillance authority in Leipzig.

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Working in Germany?
Do you live and pay taxes in Germany? Are you an expat or long-term resident? You may be eligible for German mortgage products from 400+ banks. And if you have a EU Blue Card, you may be eligible for a German mortgage from many of our partner banks.
Not working in Germany?
Do you live and work abroad, but want to buy property in Leipzig? As a Leipzig specialized mortgage broker, we offer competitive financing options from our partner banks for a non-resident home loan.

Got a question or a complex situation?

Our friendly home loan experts are happy to support you in finding a mortgage in Leipzig. Call us on +49 (0) 30 5683 7535 or email us at [email protected]

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Başar Canıperk
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Stefan Koeppen
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Başar Canıperk
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Real estate specialist
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Jan Joisten
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Başar Canıperk
Başar Canıperk
Real estate specialist
Jan Joisten
Jan Joisten
Mortgage expert
Stefan Koeppen
Stefan Koeppen
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Başar Canıperk
Başar Canıperk
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