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What Documents Do You Need To Apply For A Mortgage?

The LoanLink mortgage document checklist shows what documents you need to apply for a mortgage in Germany. In Germany, lenders look at an applicant’s financial and personal records more closely than in most other countries. To get mortgage approval from a German lender, you need documents that verify both your financial and personal life. If you know what to expect, this is less painful than it sounds. An experienced, organized mortgage advisor can make all the difference. For an overview of all the mortgage documents you will need, read on.

Mortgage document checklist

General documents Source Timeframe
Proof of equity (bank account / depot statements)

(In German: Konto-/Depotauszüge Eigenkapital)

Your documents /
Not older than
3 months
Financing application (questionnaire)

(In German: Selbstauskunft)

Mortgage financing offer

(In German: Persönliches Konditionsangebot)

LoanLink, after
expert chat
Personal documents Source Timeframe
Income tax assessments

(Statement from your country’s tax office including information on your total
income and the amount of taxes you pay per year. In German:

Your documents /
tax office
2017/ 2016/

(Document that contains an employee's wage or salary and details money
earned and tax and insurance paid during that period, e.g. last month. In
German: Gehaltsabrechnung)

Your documents /
Last 4 months
Payslips (for 13th and/or 14th month if applicable)

(Document that contains an employee's wage or salary and details money
earned and tax and insurance paid during that period, e.g. last month. In
German: Gehaltsabrechnung 13./14. Gehalt)

Your documents /
Last available
Certificate of wage tax deduction

(Document that contains an employee's wage or salary for one year, and
details money earned and tax and insurance paid. In German:
Lohnsteuerbescheinigung )

Your documents /
Last 2 years
Bank statement with lease rental charges (if applicable)

(In German: Kontoauszug Miet-/Wohnkosten)

Last month
Passport / identification card

(Copy of both sides. In German: Personalausweis/ Reisepass)

Residence permit

(Copy of both sides. In German: Aufenthalts-/Arbeitserlaubnis)

Property documents Source Timeframe
Building description / specification

(Detailed description of the building, such as type of construction and the
materials used. In German: Baubeschreibung)

Your real estate
Picture of front and back view of the building

(in German: Farbfotos der Vorder- und Rückansicht des Gebäudes)

Your real estate
Land register map / official unit site plan

(in German: Flurkarte oder amtlicher Lageplan)

Your real estate
agent /
Floor plan and floor plan calculation

(in German: Grundriss und Wohnflächenberechnung)

Your real estate
Draft of sale contract

(in German: Kaufvertragsentwurf)

Your real estate
Divisional declaration

(in German: Teilungserklärung)

Your real estate

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