Mortgage experience in Germany

Stories by LoanLink: David and Katherine’s mortgage experience

Learn from David an Katherine who are sharing their mortgage experience when buying an apartment in Frankfurt, Germany.
Independent mortgage advisor and mortgage companies

What is an independent mortgage broker?

What are the benefits of using a mortgage broker? What mortgage companies is LoanLink cooperating with?

How to Get a Mortgage without Equity in Germany?

Some borrowers can qualify for a mortgage without equity! Find out what the specific requirements are for German residents...
Real Estate Purchase Fees in Germany

How much are real estate purchase fees in Germany?

In Germany, buyers have to pay real estate purchase fees in addition to the actual property cost. What are...
Buying new property in Germany

What you need to know about buying new property in Germany

Buying a new property is an exciting opportunity. However, buying directly from a developer also carries risks. The more...
understand how age affects principal rate

Understand How Age Affects Principal Rate

This article explains what an initial principal rate is, and how your age affects German mortgage lenders determine the...
Developement of interest rates and mortgage rates

Mortgage Rates In 2018: How Will Interest Rates Develop?

How will mortgage rates develop in 2018? Buyers often use interest rates to indicate when to buy.
How Long Does a Mortgage Loan Application Take?

How Long Does a Mortgage Loan Application Take?

How long does a mortgage loan application take? Some tips and trick how you can speed up the process.
Mortgage advisor Germany

Buying a property in Germany: A step-by-step guide

Are you planning to buy your first house or apartment in Germany? Confused about where to start? Or even...