LoanLink strives to equip non-German residents with professional advice and profound guidance to make their real estate investment secure and convenient. Working independently from any financial institution and scanning the rates of more than 400 partner banks allows us to look for the best deal possible for our clients. Leveraging a state of the art technology platform and providing full transparency lowers entry boundaries for non-German speakers. It also enables foreigners to benefit from the historically low interest rates and participate in German real estate growth – the largest real estate market of the European Union.

LoanLink was founded in early 2017 due to the unsatisfaction with the current property financing process in Germany. Home buyers are puzzled and lost in the complex home purchase process: From finding a real estate investment, adhering to all legal requirements to financing the property. This is, even more, the case for non-German residents due to a stricter scrutiny of the institutions and the foreign language. Our founders lived and worked abroad in New York, San Diego, London, and Stockholm. This is where they experienced a more client-friendly environment. This was the motivation to start LoanLink.

Our Team

Client Centricity

We continuously act in the interest of our clients looking for the best deal possible


We ensure all our advisers have profound mortgage subject matter expertise


We work together with clients as partners ensuring comprehension at all times


We keep our clients informed every step of the process and share all information


We treat client information strictly confidential and adhere to all regulatory standards


We leverage technology to design a innovative and client friendly mortgage process